Renovate or Move?

Sometimes doing a renovation just doesn’t cut it.  Families out-grow their homes and there comes a time that you just need to pick up and move.

The key to having a successful move is by hiring an efficient moving company.  The video below is from a highly reputable moving company that I heard about.  They are called Cube Movers….definitely worth checking out:

5 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door

There can be undeniable advantages for your home if you make a choice to replace an old garage door system and change how your garage looks respectively. While purchasing new garage doors, you should know the five important reasons for replacing your old garage door with a new one:

  • Increased value of your home. If you just replace an old garage door and buy a new stylish door that needs no maintenance, you will be surprised how much help to raising the value of your home it will be. With your garage looking good, your home will sell much easier, according to many Real Estate agents.
  • Improved appearance of your home. Your home can easily be given a new look      with a wide variety of choices available when choosing a garage door,      including 15 different colors of paint finish and lots of varying styles      and window options.
  • R-16 garage doors provide lower heating      and cooling prices. While      managing to keep the heat in summers and the cold in the winter out of      your house, an efficiently insulated garage door will pay for itself, in      time, by lowering your energy bills. This is especially noticeable, if you      live in quarters above the garage or use the garage as a work shop.
  • Reduced maintenance time. By choosing a pre-finished color, you      automatically get a low maintenance door, in many cases. This kind of door      needs only mild soap and water, in order to be cleaned. You can bid      farewell now, to all the painting and scraping you have done in the past,      and welcome more free time in the nearest future.
  • Items stored in your garage are protected from the weather. A lot of people will use their garage as      a place for storage. In order to be able to protect the items stored there      from intense heat and cold going in from the outside of the door surface      to the inside, you may need to get an insulated door with a thermo barrier      installed. Combining this choice with a PVC weather strip (with double fin      and screw cover) is also a valid option for this situation.

Try to remember that a garage door is a long term investment. You can increase your home value and uses of the garage and lower the injury risk if you purchase a new garage door.

Garage Door Malfunctioning Photo Cells

garage door oshawa ontarioOne of the more common problems with garage doors is coming home to find that suddenly, the garage door opener doesn’t work anymore. That means that you’ll have to go and hold down the wall button in order to get the door to close, and that could be tedious, especially when you know that it should be a much simpler process.

More often than not, the problem has something to do with the photo eye. There might be something that was placed in front of it, or it might have been moved and aligned improperly. It might even be malfunctioning completely. You’re not going to be able to close the garage door with the remote control until everything is working perfectly.

The first thing to do is to move anything that’s near the photo eye and check to make sure that the LED lights are lit, just like the manufacturer’s instructions say that they should be. If either or both of the lights are blinking, then you’ll need to move them a little and try to realign them until the blinking stops. (You should also note that if your photo cell was make after 1973, you won’t be able to permanently remove it.) If there is nothing blocking it and it is aligned properly, then you’re going to have to call a professional. You can call a repairman that specializes in garage door opener repair. He or she will find out what is wrong and fix it.

Loud and Noisy Garage Door?

garage doorIf your garage door is so obnoxiously loud and noisy that the entire neighborhood knows when you’re opening and closing it, you may be looking for a way to deafen the noise.

The first thing that you need to remember about your garage door is that it needs regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is always going to be the easiest way to keep your garage door and the garage door opener for it running smoothly and quietly. Call a licensed professional to find out more about getting a tune-up and an annual inspection. Getting regular maintenance for your garage door could solve problems before they become known and it’s relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the cost of the damage that could be done if your garage door isn’t given proper care. There are multiple working parts that move in order to make your garage door open and close. Any one of the parts that are necessary to make your garage door move could be responsible for the excess noise. Because there are so many parts, there are a lot of things that could be to blame when things go wrong. There could be a simple solution to your noise problem, and the professional would find it and fix it.

Beyond that, there are a few things that might cause the excess noise, which include:

The Garage Door Opener

There are different kinds of garage door openers, so you’ll have to figure out which type it is that you have: chain, screw, or belt drive. Out of the three, the chain drive opener is usually the loudest. The easiest way to help alleviate the noise is to lubricate the chain. Usually, screw drive openers are much quieter than the chain drives, but they do wear after a few years and that makes them run louder. The quietest of them all are belt drives, and they usually require less maintenance than any of the three.

The Bearings and Spring Hinges

Hinges are pretty straight forward, and they do break down over time. If you’re hearing a grinding sound when you open and close your garage door, it might just be time to replace the hinges all together. If not, then just spray a little bit of silicone spray onto the hinges. That should help. If what you’re hearing is a loud ticking sound, then the bearings might be worn out. There’s only one way to solve that problem, and that is to replace the bearings all together. Call a professional, that’s not something that you should try to do on your own. If what you’re hearing is sounds like something is grating, then it might be because the coils inside of the springs got bent. The grating noise comes from the coils rubbing against each other. The only solution for that is to replace the springs.

Have Your Garage Door Rollers Replaced

There are metal rollers in most garage doors. The way that these rollers work involve a metal piece that rubs against a metal track as the doors open and close. Obviously, this could be a big source for loud noise. If you have metal rollers in your garage door and you want it to run more quietly, call a professional and have them replace your metal rollers with a nylon ball bearing equipped roller. These run more quietly and they don’t need as much maintenance either.

If you’ve tried all of these tips and your garage door still isn’t functioning as quietly as you would like, call a licensed professional.

Garage Door Repairs

garage door londonGarage doors are big, bulky pieces of machinery with various moving parts. It’s no wonder that they are affected by wear and tear from use, and sometimes even break down completely. Consult a garage door professional if you’re having any issues with your garage door. A licensed professional can tell you whether or not your door needs to be replaced, or if it can be fixed.

There are many things that affect the cost of garage door repair, but here are some of the most common:

The Style

There are many different styles of garage doors, and they all come with different parts. Some garage door styles are easier to repair than others, which will impact the overall price of repairs and replacements. If you’ve got an older tilt-up door, the parts are harder to find so repairing it is more difficult and expensive. The most affordable garage door style for repairs is the single wide roll-up door.

The Materials

The materials are the base items that are used to make your garage door, and not all of them are created with the same quality standards. The more expensive the materials for your garage door were originally, the more expensive repairs and replacement are going to be. That shouldn’t be too surprising. The more expensive base material to repair is wood, while the steels doors are more often the affordable option. There are still different types of materials within the two base categories though.

The Openers

If the diagnosed problem with your garage door is the opener itself, then you still want to have a professional check out the rest of the garage door system before they look into the opener problem further. Often times, if the remote opener is the problem, it’s only because there is something else wrong within the garage door that made the remote work harder than it was supposed to. Regardless of the possibility of other problems, remote openers are usually run electrically, so problems with those are inexpensive and simple.

The Finishes

Though this isn’t something that is absolutely necessary in order to keep your garage door in functional condition, most people like to repaint their garage door if they decide that it doesn’t match the rest of their house. If you add this to an existing repair bill, the cost will go up

Kitchens Designed with Kids in Mind

kitchen renovationOne important factor often overlooked in designing a kitchen is the joy that most kids get from helping with the cooking. While some kid-friendly features are meant to accommodate the kids’ smaller size, others are concerned with safety.

When kids want to be in the kitchen with their parents or grandparents, having space that is designed just for them makes it a better experience for everyone. Incorporating a kids’-accessible cabinet into your kitchen makes it easy for them to get what they need and put items away where they can be easily found when they are needed again.

Make sure your child-friendly kitchen doesn’t include high counters with stools that are too enticing for kids. Implement a seating area that is just right for them. A two-tiered counter will provide them with room to work and that at the right height for you as well. Avoid adding cooktops to islands where children will be working or sitting.

The material used for the countertop should be considered carefully as well. Choose something non-porous that can’t be easily stained and is durable. Edges should be rounded and the flooring beneath slip-resistant.

The Cooking Area

More than any other area of the kitchen, the area where the cooking takes place should be given extra concern for safety. When kids are ready for snacks, make sure they have a designated area that will accommodate them. Supply plastic tableware and consider putting a refrigerator drawer in the island is more convenient for getting drinks.

Microwaves are typically easy for kids to use and allow them to prepare a wide range of foods on their own. A new microwave drawer is a better choice for kid-friendly kitchens than those installed over a range. A user-friendly control panel lets them fix food quickly.


Keep a fire extinguisher made for kitchens close by, in a secure, easy-to-find place. Keep cleaning materials and sharp objects like knives stored out of children’s reach. When appropriate storage space isn’t available, place safety locks on areas where children don’t need access.

Add Your Personal Touch

There are many ways you can improve the looks and functionality of the kitchen. Whimsical decorations, high-tech appliances and cork or chalk boards are some of the personal touches you can add to the kitchen.